List of online casinos that are giving a free play bonus

Some users prefer to go for the free play casinos as a promotion that other types of no deposit bonuses due to the high amount of money they will be able to use to play the games. Right now there is only the no deposit type promotions and the free play have been suspended.

Most of the casinos offering this deal do have a set time that is on a clock for playing which is normally 60 minutes from the time you start the clock. There is the ability to stop the clock and resume later so you are not required to play the whole 60 minutes at one time it is just the maximum minutes you may play. Only 1 casino that I am aware of will allow 24 hours play and that is Platinum Play the rest have the rule as stated above.

How the Free Play Casino Works

When you first sign up with a casino that has this bonus you will need to register an account then log into the lobby, at which time you will be shown a button to start your play. This button will open a new screen that is a modified version of the normal casino, with less games. You can play any of the machines within this version to count towards your wagering requirements. The online casinos have set a minimum wagering that needs to be done on the money before you qualify to transfer the funds that you have won into the regular casino. Most also set a maximum that can be transferred. So if they say you must wager the bonus 30x and you can only claim up to 20 on this bonus then that is what you must do and you will know the most you can collect is the 20. Another rules many have set on this, is you must first deposit to transfer the funds. It is not done to get you to deposit but it is a way to verify that you are legit and not signing up under false names. More information about the free play wagering.

There is not a lot of free play casinos left, many are moving on to other promotions as the free play is not as effective any longer. So they just figure people are burnt out on the offer and want something new. Which is why you will see other types of bonuses listed here which still do not require a deposit to play. Since this is a two part process on this deal you will not be able to collect it unless you download the casino. So those using mobile phones will be shown some other promotion instead and likely it will not be a free casino bonus but a purchase offer. That might not be a bad thing to all players as some really do not care if they get a no deposit bonus as long as they can get some free money when they first join to add on to their deposit. Why not right? After all it is free so you might as well take what you can get. So as you are browsing through the list you will see offers will be ranging from 100 up to 2500 for the free play and other deals will be much lower but are given directly into the regular casino.