No Deposit Casinos

No Deposit Casinos: What You Need To Know

“Gamble for Free”, “Gamble with no risk whatsoever”…all these no deposit casinos and other equally hard to believe claims have become quite common over the Internet in recent years.

You only have to type in the words “free gambling” on a search engine and you will likely come up with dozens of no deposit casinos web sites that make similar claims. The fact is however that there are a great many web sites that can actually deliver on those claims, and some of these are no deposit casinos.

No deposit casinos deliver on their promises by allowing virtually anyone to check out the casino games that they have on offer without the player having to spend a single cent of his or her own money to get started. It sounds like a simple enough offer–and in most cases, it really is–but playing in the no deposit casinos does require a thorough knowledge of its implications before you get started. We will get to that later on in this article but for now, let us take a look at the various factors that make no deposit casinos seem like such a good idea.

No deposit casinos are the ideal way for someone who is not at all familiar with the world of gambling to get started in this fascinating pursuit. If you have ever been intrigued–or at least a little bit curious–about gambling but have been put off by certain aspects of it, no deposit casinos may just address those issues adequately. Many people for example are a little bit intimidated by all of the technical terms and phrases that are used in gambling. There are many highly specialized terms in use that can even be confusing for long time players–much more so the beginning gambler.

This unfamiliarity is often enough to deter many otherwise curious would be gamblers, but when you add to that the risk of losing their hard earned cash in a game that they are not at all familiar with, you can see why so many people give up on gambling before they even get started.

Given this scenario, no deposit casinos would then be the best way to get started, since these gambling establishments offer bonus money or other perks to their customers who simply sign up with them. Most no deposit casinos will actually offer free money that you can use in playing the games in the casino.

In the event that you do lose this bonus money that the casino is offering, you need not worry as the casino considers this as a freebie or a gift to you. For their part, they are willing to treat this as a sort of marketing expense. Now why would the online casinos be willing to this? Well, it is not exactly out of the goodness of their heart. These bonuses or freebies actually helps the casinos’ business, as it ensures that they get a constant flow of new customers logging on to their web site and checking out their casino games offerings. Now if you consider that each of these visitors who try out their games may just end becoming repeat paying customers, you can see how offering the perks and bonuses offered by no deposit casinos can be a worthwhile marketing expense.

In addition, no deposit casinos–just like any other type of online casino–do not have to deal with the overhead expenses that all land based casinos have to deal with. They do not have any physical casino space to pay rent for to begin with, and they do not have to pay for the salaries of a large employee staff. Their other operational expenses are a lot lower as well, and all of these allow online casinos to rake in a larger profit margin. This is the main reason why no deposit casinos can offer potential customers bonus money and other perks.

One thing that might help you gain the maximum possible benefit from no deposit casinos is realizing that the bonuses that they offer come in 3 basic varieties. When signing up with a no deposit casino, you can normally expect to get offers for free spins, free money, or free money with a predetermined time limit.

Free spins are easy enough to understand–these are simply a certain number of free spins that are awarded for use with the slot machines in a no deposit casino. You might be given a hundred free spins on a slot machine for example. A free money offer might mean $10 to play the games in the casino. Free money with a time limit is pretty much the same thing, only you will be given a certain amount of money that you can use for a predetermined amount of time. You might be given something like $500 that you can use in order to play for an hour for instance.

Over the years, there have been numerous cases involving complaints that customers may have with no deposit casinos. In most instances, these issues can be explained by user misunderstanding of the no deposit casino offers that are listed above. You have to realize that more often than not, casino players want to get started on a casino game as soon as possible and probably did not take the time to read through all of the terms and conditions of offer thoroughly before beginning. It is important therefore to read through all of the information posted on the casino web site–particularly the fine print–as it can help you avoid a great deal of confusion later on.

Keep in mind that most no deposit casinos typically impose a limit on how much you can win when availing of these offers. This amount–which is usually detailed in the terms and conditions section of the web site–tends to vary from casino to casino, but $200 is about the average that most no deposit casinos offer.

You might also run into the term “deposit in order to claim winnings”. This is another common source of confusion when dealing with no deposit casinos. This stipulation merely states that a player who won $200 for example, will have to deposit some money in order to claim the $200. The main reason for this rule is that professional bonus hunters often prey on no deposit casinos, and these establishments are merely protecting themselves from being taken advantage of.